Session Committees

  • Worship and Education Committee

The committee members are responsible for selecting and training Openers, Greeters, and Liturgists.  They also join the pastor to plan worship, music and special services and seek a pulpit supply pastor when needed.  The committee members also are responsible for the sound system and sign board in front of building.  The committee responsible for promoting Christian Education, including recruiting Sunday school teachers and the selection of Sunday school materials.  The committee also balances the Flock list annually.

  • Nurture, Mission and Outreach Committee

Their duties include coordinating program fund raising such as Calvinini’s;  the Hobo Party for high school seniors; and all fellowship activities.  The committee members are responsible for the newsletter, directory and website.  They promote participation in outreach events and Special Outreach Offerings.  They liaison with the Day School and with the Aid Fund and select Mission Fund recipients.

  • Administrative Committee

This committee handles monies and other assets, employment issues, property issues and all purchases.  The members are also responsible for church insurance, facility use, and development of church policies and procedures.  The committee communicates with Trustees of the Church.  The Budget Committee is an Administrative subcommittee.