Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Palm Sunday worship was glorious with the performance of the cantata, “What A Morning!” It was performed with conviction and a contagious spirit for the love of Christ. Thanks so very much to the narrators, choirs, musicians, and the directors for gifting us with a witness of faith.

The reception following worship was very well attended and as David King, pastor of First United Methodist Church, said as he thanked our church for it, “This reception has brought us together as one community. This is so much fun!” Thanks to all who helped with setting up the room, decorating, and for providing food, and service to clean-up. The shared hospitality was good for all.

With the music still playing in our hearts and minds, we are preparing for Easter after we go through a significant time of remembering our Lord’s suffering on behalf of us. To honor his suffering, I hope you will take time this week, to suffer, to sacrifice for someone else, as a witness of your faith. Then get ready for new life to unfold like it never has before.

Sometimes someone else’s reflections help me to name what I’m feeling. Ted Loder, a United Methodist Minister, is one of those persons. He wrote this Easter prayer:

“I Praise You for this Resurrection Madness.”

“Lord of such amazing surprises as put a catch in my breath and wings on my heart, I praise you for this joy too great for words, but not for tears and songs and sharing, for this mercy that blots out my betrayals and bids me begin again, to limp on, to hop-skip-and-jump-on, to mend what is broken in and around me, and to forgive the breakers.

For this YES to life and laughter, to love and lovers, and to my unwinding self, for this kingdom unleashed in me and I in it forever, and no dead ends to growing, to choices, to chances, to calls to be just; no dead ends to living, to making peace, to dreaming dreams, to being glad of heart; for this resurrection madness which is wiser than I and in which I see how great you are, full of grace. Alleluia! Amen.”

Joy is on the way! Celebrate it on Easter Sunday in worship.

Believing with you,

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