January–New Beginnings Activities

Since the last newsletter article several tasks have moved forward or been completed.

The Car Seat Project has been completed with great success in repairing and replacing car seats for children as needed. Thanks go to Marsha Baumann for organizing this worthwhile project, and to Dan Fuhrman, Jerry Purvis and others who helped.

T-shirts advertising our church have been ordered and distributed to Session members and a few other members. Dan will order more shirts in the future. The cost of each shirt is $15.00.   Wouldn’t it be great to see all members wearing t-shirts during special projects and events?

Leslie is charged with organizing the adult fellowship opportunities. Stand by for more information after the holidays. Faithful folks are working behind the scenes to move our church toward a new beginning. 

Your New Beginnings Team (Gail, Colleen, LaHoma, Dan and Linda G.)